Husband of Cordova mother missing since May 2019 arrested for murder, evidence tampering

Husband indicted in connection to missing Cordova mother Taquila Hayes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A major development in the case of missing Cordova mother Taquila Hayes -- a grand jury has now indicted her husband for second-degree murder.

“His bond is 2 million? Wonderful, I mean that’ll give him some time to sit there and bake,” said the mother of Taquila, Roberta Nutall.

Nutall told WMC Action News 5 she has been waiting for the day her daughter’s husband would be arrested for her murder. She did not expect to be there when it happened.

“Seeing him handcuffed, I walked up to him with his back because they were still fixing to lead him out to ask him to give me my daughter let me know where my daughter is so I can give her a proper burial," she said after seeing Taquila’s husband at a custody hearing.

Carl Hayes is charged with second-degree murder and tampering and fabricating evidence in the disappearance of his wife. Forty-one-year-old Taquila Hayes, a mother and nurse, was reported missing by her mother last August.

Search continues for Taquila Hayes

Her husband said she had quit her job at Methodist and took off with an unknown person. She was last seen at her job in May.

“I knew from the beginning that Carl killed my daughter," said Nutall.

She said she and her daughter were supposed to go to the Beale Street Music Festival. She became suspicious when she got a text she believes came from Carl Hayes.

“I got a text saying she had to work. She wouldn’t have never cancelled with me," said Nutall.

That’s when she started asking questions. Roberta Nutall says she had no clue the couple was having problems.

Family of missing Cordova woman speaks on her disappearance

“It was really shocking to me very shocking," she said.

Investigators found evidence in the couple’s Cordova home of new paint and new carpet. In September more than 60 Sheriff’s employees searched the woods near the home but found nothing.

Taquila’s mother wants Carl Hayes to serve a lot of prison time and, “I want a picture of her in his cell, so he can see her every day, to see what he took away from me. See what he’s taken away from her family.”

Carl Hayes was indicted last week. His case is being handled in Division 5 where domestic violence cases are heard.

His bond is set at $2 million.

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