Trial date for Billy Ray Turner, man accused of killing Lorenzen Wright, set for Oct. 2020

Trial date set for Billy Ray Turner in October

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The date is set. Billy Turner, the man charged in the murder of Tigers-star and former Grizzly Lorenzen Wright, will go to trial this Fall.

For the second time, Billy Turner is getting ready to go to trial. Weeks before he was supposed to go on trial for Lorenzen Wright’s murder in September, it was postponed because of the discovery of new evidence.

Turner showed some signs of relief after Judge Lee Coffee announced his new trial date - Oct. 26.

“It feels good. He, to be frank, wanted it tried back in September, and I wanted to do my job,” Turner’s lawyer John Keith Perry said. “He understands that. He wants his day in court.”

There have been months of continued hearings as the state and defense organized schedules of possible expert witnesses. Turner’s one-time co-defendant, Sherra Wright, Lorenzen’s ex-wife, pleaded guilty to facilitation to murder in July. It’s not known yet if she will testify.

“I don’t want to go in to one way or the other on what Sherra will say or won’t say, whether she’ll testify,” Perry said.

Sherra Wright makes surprise plea deal in Lorenzen Wright murder case

“I don’t expect [the trial] to be short,” Paul Hagerman with the Shelby Co. District Attorney’s Office said.

The defense and state believe the trial may take one to two weeks.

Lorenzen was discovered shot to death in 2010. The case remained cold for years. Turner and Wright were arrested in 2017.

Lorenzen Wright’s mother previously told us she’s ready to learn more about her son’s death in the trial.

“I think this is something she wants. They’ve waited almost 10 years now,” Hagerman said.

Watch Billy Ray Turner’s court appearance below

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