Shelby County commissioners say new voting machines are not expected to come this year

Commissioners say a referendum is required for new voting machines

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Shelby County voters will not cast their ballots on new voting machines this year. It turns out the money needed for new machines must be approved by the voters.

Shelby County commissioners had previously earmarked $10 million in capital funding over the next three years for new machines replacing the old Diebold machines that are nearly 15 years old.

Shelby Co. commissioners debate over voting machines

Commission attorney Marcy Ingram broke the news Monday that any funding must be allocated through a referendum or special election.

“Personally as a voter in Shelby County and as a public servant, that’s disappointing to me," said Shelby County Commission Chairman Mark Billingsley. "Our existing machines are very antiquated, there’s no software updates available for our existing machines so it really puts Shelby County government and our elections in a little bit of a tailspin and of great concern to a lot of people.”

We reached out to the Shelby County Election Commission and officials said they were preparing for the start of early voting Wednesday for the presidential preference primary.

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