Memphis riverfront renovations in the works

Memphis riverfront renovations in the works

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - As Memphis' riverfront continues to grow, plans to renovate and expand are also in the works.

Memphis River Parks Partnership plans to replace the already broken flag polls on Mud Island, add new lighting to the pedestrian bridge and level out concrete at Beale Street Landing.

"It needs to be safe, but it also needs to be clean, welcoming, fun and we work to do that every day of the year," said MRPP Director of External Affairs George Abbott.

Abbott says these projects are already approved. The organization is using leftover funds from previous years.

Other projects like a $2 million upgrade to the Mud Island Amphitheater and a $3.5 million renovation to the dock at Beale Street Landing still need to be approved. Every year, MRPP submits projects to the city's capital improvement budget for approval.

"It's a good thing for the community especially for attractions downtown. Having a river downtown is a great thing," said Khalia Word.

Abbott says a focus on Beale Street Landing is important. They're seeing more and more boats dock there each year.

"It was 61 in 2018. It was 73 in 2019. Next year we project more than 100," said Abbott.

Officials say the riverfront puts the Bluff City on the map and helps draw people from all over the world together.

"It's where the city grew from and it's where we come back to celebrate together and to spend time. It doesn't matter if you're from East Memphis, South Memphis, North Memphis, this is a shared space that belongs to all of us," said Abbott.

Lights have already started to be added to the pedestrian bridge. No word yet on when these projects will be complete.

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