Neighbors on edge after recent home invasions in Berclair

Neighbors on edge after recent home invasions in Berclair
Neighbors on edge after recent home invasions in Berclair (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Police say a man is behind bars, accused of burglarizing the homes of two elderly women in Berclair.

While one suspect has been charged in connection with one of the recent burglaries, there have been several other incidents targeting elderly women where no arrests have been made.

"I just think when you do this type of stuff to the elderly, they’re just trying to take advantage,” said Isais Morales, lives in Berclair.

Morales says he helped his 94-year-old neighbor after her house was broken into Monday.

“She came outside the driveway and she was screaming and she was like ‘Help me! Help me,’ and I went to go see what was up.”

Morales said his neighbor was standing outside in the cold looking for safety.

According to a police affidavit, the suspect broke into her home while she was sitting in the den.

He told her to stay where she was, and that he only wanted money and jewelry -- that's when the victim ran out of the back door and screamed for help

"I called the police, they said they would be there as soon as possible,” Morales said.

Burglaries like this have been more frequent in Berclair in recent weeks - specifically toward elderly women.

On Jan. 28 on Castle Avenue, a 70-year-old woman reported a man wearing a dark hoodie punched her, forced her into a bedroom closet while he ransacked the house and stole $520 worth of jewelry.

Police were able to identify the suspect, John Asua, the same day after he pawned some of the items that were reported stolen.

On Jan. 31, a 79-year-old woman told police a suspect broke a front window in her home on Owen Road.

That suspect, armed with a gun, demanded money and her car keys.

He forced her into a closet and took off with her car and several pieces of jewelry.

The next day on Feb. 1, a woman was confronted in her home on North Perkins by a man wearing a dark colored hoodie with red lettering and a mask on his face.

The victim was hit in the face and strangled.

The burglar took her jewelry, wallet and keys.

Police arrested a man but the charges were later dropped.

Police have not confirmed if all of the burglaries are connected, but Morales had this message for the burglars.

“If you prey on people who can’t do anything back or they’re just helpless, it’s going to come back and bite them.”

At last check, Asua is still in jail facing serious charges.

It’s still unclear who is responsible for the other burglaries.

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