Woman demands changes at apartment complex after her tires were stolen off her car

Woman demands changes at apartment complex after her tires were stolen off her car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Memphis woman reached out to WMC Action News 5 for help after thieves stole the tires right off her car and she says this is an ongoing problem.

Kenyetta Atkinson never expected to see her car in the condition it was in when she tried to go to work Wednesday.

“When I got up close I said, ‘oh my God, look at my car!’ I was in total shock,” Atkinson said.

All four tires on her Mercedes Benz C-250 were gone. ​

"You see they left all of the screws on the ground," Atkinson said.

Two cinder blocks left by the thieves are the only reason the car was off the ground. ​

“I definitely felt I had been robbed. I felt like had been taken advantage of,” Atkinson said. “I did not feel safe at all.”

Atkinson says she's seen other cars left on cinder blocks in her neighborhood.​

“I’ve seen it happen to at least eight or nine other people,” she said.

WMC Action News 5 looked into the numbers. According to data from the Memphis Police Department, there have been two other theft of vehicle parts reported in the last two weeks within a couple of blocks from Atkinson’s apartment.

In the past four months, victims have reported 38 total thefts within a quarter mile, by far the most common crime reported. ​

"That's a lot," Atkinson said. "That does surprise me."

Atkinson says when she called management at Arbors of Century Center to talk to them about what happened, it didn't go well.

“She said, ‘hold,’ put me on hold and next thing I know the phone hung up,” Atkinson said.

When we called, the woman said there was no one available at the time to talk. ​Atkinson says she wants to feel safe where she lives. ​

"I want them to get better security, put a gate around it or do something!" she said.

Atkinson says replacing the tires will cost hundreds of dollars and she believes the thieves also damaged her car while stealing her tires.

We left contact information for a representative from Arbors of Century Center to call back and tell us what they are doing to prevent thefts like this in the future. ​We haven’t heard back.

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