Walmart takes new steps against opioid epidemic

Walmart takes new steps against opioid epidemic
(Source: AP Images)

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KAIT/KNWA) - Walmart has started to take a more active approach to the opioid epidemic by trying to better control the medicine distributed by its nearly 17,000 pharmacists.

Fayetteville NBC affiliate KNWA reports one of the key restrictions Walmart implemented is a limit on initial acute opioid prescriptions to no more than a seven day supply. They hope this helps avoid giving patients too strong of a dose.

Walmart is also supplying the patients with a better method of disposing their leftover prescriptions.

Most importantly, Walmart is making it a priority to hand out doses of Narcan, an antitoxin for opioid overdose.

"We know that to save someone in an overdose one of the best things you can do is to have that antidote Narcan," Walmart's Regional Health and Wellness Director William Cook said.

In the future, Walmart also plans to require e-prescriptions in an effort to reduce the risk of forgery.

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