Thieves steal 2 Yorkies during burglary

Thieves steal 2 Yorkies during burglary

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Parkway Village woman is asking for your help, after someone broke into her home and stole her two Yorkie dogs.

“I didn’t cry for the first hour because I just wanted to believe that they’re not gone. It’s not real,” said Jasmine Morris, owner.

But it is real -- Morris’ beloved two-year-old male and female Yorkies are gone.

She came home around 11:40 p.m. Tuesday night to a duplex near Sheffield Elementary, when she discovered the dog cage by the back door was gone.

Morris checked the cage in the living room thinking her roommate moved the dogs there.

“I saw the cages empty and the TV was gone. I thought, ‘okay, we got robbed,’” said Morris.

She called police to check the house and make sure the thieves weren’t still inside.

They apparently came through the side door.

“The crooks took the frame to the window on the door off. So all they had to do is take the glass off and reach in and turn the lock and get in.," said Morris.

The dogs were a college graduation gift. They are literally Morris’ world.

“There’s nothing in this house they could have taken that would have phased me, besides my kids.”

There are photos, everywhere, and plenty of clothes which she says the dogs like to wear.

One video shows the dogs in outfits barking out of a window.

They even have special shampoo, a grooming kit, and CK-9 Cologne.

They also have pillows on Morris’ bed where they sleep with her.

“Those dogs are my world. Anybody who knows me knows.”

She has printed up flyers, put them on mailboxes in her neighborhood and on cars, hoping someone knows something.

Her friends have posted on social media.

“My only priority is getting them back no questions asked, cash reward.”

If you know who has the dogs or if you have them, call 901-921-4837.

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