MAS officers speak on rescuing dog from meat processing pit

MAS officers speak on rescuing dog from meat processing pit

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Memphis Animal Service officers who saved a stray dog stuck in a meat processing pit are sharing their incredible story with WMC Action News 5.

On social media, a video of the incident has been shared hundreds of times with responses coming in from all over the country.

When MAS Officers Amanda Sutter and Ashley Hunley got to the scene of an unusual call Wednesday, they found a stray dog hopelessly stuck inside a Darling Ingredients protein and fat recycling pit in South Memphis.

“Our best guess is that he smelled the food, or what he thought was food, and was hungry so he dove off down into there. But, unfortunately, the machine and the sides were so slick and greasy that he couldn’t climb back out,” Sutter said.

Employees heard the dog before starting the machinery. They believe he may have been stuck there as long as 24 hours.

"He was lifeless," Sutter said. "He had no energy left."

Within minutes, the officers pulled the exhausted dog out of the 12-foot pit to safety.

“He fell immediately to the ground as soon as we got him removed from the pit,” Hunley said. “We blanketed him and I picked him up and he was just a pile of dog at that point.”

"He was so exhausted, I'm not even sure he was even blinking anymore," Sutter said.

After a few days and a few baths, that dog is still very shy. And now he has a name that fits his incredible story.

"After some discussing we named him McGregor after a famous fighter because that's what he is," Sutter said. "He needed a good honorable name."

McGregor, who employees believe has never had an owner, is up for adoption and there’s been a lot of interest according to MAS. The officers who saved him are happy he’ll soon have a home where he can learn to be a beloved pet.

"My hopes for him are that he finds a home to where he doesn't have to go searching for food anymore and get himself into the same predicament," Sutter said.

"I'm sure I will always remember this dog because it was a very specific and unique rescue moment," Hunley said. "I just hope that he never has to go through anything like this again."

If you’re interested in adopting McGregor or any of the other dogs up for adoption at MAS, go to

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