‘Aladdin’ creates a whole new world at the Orpheum Theatre

‘Aladdin’ creates a whole new world at the Orpheum Theatre

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The animated Disney film you know and love is coming to life on stage at the Orpheum Theatre in the Musical Aladdin.

It's one of the largest productions on the road, which means it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure it runs smoothly.

“To move the show it takes about a week and a half. We’ve got an advanced set. We have a second floor and a second set of everything in the air,” said Vanessa Coakley, stage manager.

Meredith Scott is the wardrobe supervisor for the show, and admits it can get a little crazy behind the scenes.

"This the iconic blue genie look,” Scott says as she shows costumes. “It was very deliberate to not paint him blue or try to make him look like the animation."

The bright colors and detailed beading were made purposely to stand out on stage.

"We do 100 quick changes in under one minute, 50 some odd quick changes in under 30 seconds. The fastest change in the show is 15 seconds and we’ve done it in seven seconds,” Scott said.

Celina Nightengale is one of the ensemble members who knows all too well how quickly the show moves.

“This show is a beast,” she said. “'Arabian Nights’ is the first 10 minutes of the show so when we hit the stage, I’m one of the first girls on the stage. I don’t leave the stage for 20 minutes straight.”

And speaking of the stage – Vanessa Coakley and her team take great pride in the show's design and scenery.

"We are integral in making sure everything that happens on stage happens, so nothing happens without the stage manager saying go,” Coakley said.

"The design team when they were putting together the Broadway show they went to Marrakesh, and they were inspired by the kinds of shapes and textures they saw there and they meant to include that throughout the entire design of the show."

The musical is different from the movie in that there are new songs and characters, but there's still plenty of nostalgia to enjoy on this magic carpet ride.

"I think all ages could get anything out of this show.” Nightengale said.

Aladdin runs at the Orpheum through Sunday, March 8.

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