Democratic presidential candidates campaign ahead of South Carolina, Super Tuesday

Democratic presidential candidates campaign ahead of South Carolina, Super Tuesday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Democratic presidential candidates campaigned hard on the eve of the South Carolina primary. Many are already focusing on Super Tuesday states, like Tennessee.

Mike Bloomberg started a day of campaigning bright and early Friday at Memphis' Minglewood Hall.

“Under this president, our constitution and freedoms and values are under attack. And we cannot afford to go backwards," Bloomberg told the crowd. "We cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump.”

A sentiment echoed by Joe Biden stumping for votes in South Carolina.

"What America stands for is at stake right now,” Biden said.

The former Vice-President is hoping a big win in South Carolina's primary on Saturday will bolster his lackluster campaign.

“It’s been the launching pad for Barack” he said. “And I believe it’ll be the launching pad for me.”

The democratic hopefuls are all taking aim at President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

“This is his Katrina event,” said Tom Steyer. “Where it’s like, whoa, like I have a job, who knew? He is incompetent and this is the proof we are way behind on this.”

"When we need a President who is on the phone talking to scientists, talking to healthcare experts, “ said Bernie Sanders, “he is here in South Carolina trying to disrupt the democratic primary. How pathetic."

The Volunteer State is clearly on the candidates' radar ahead of Super Tuesday.

“I’m ready to beat Donald Trump one more time,” Mike Bloomberg said during his 20 minute speech in Memphis. “But I can’t do it alone. Tennessee, I need your help. I need your support. I need your votes.”

Amy Klobuchar held a rally in Nashville Friday night, and Pete Buttigieg will hold an event in Music City on Saturday afternoon.

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