Volunteers provide food to Nashville first responders as storm clean-up continues

Volunteers provide food to Nashville first responders

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WMC) - A group of volunteers are focusing on providing food for first responders in Nashville.

"We started off making sandwiches to bring them to first responders. We knew it would be police and fire,” said Colleen Cummings, volunteer.

Neighborhood volunteers distributed almost 1,000 meals on Tuesday with 100 volunteers, and on Wednesday.

"We have already moved 500 meals and it's not lunch time yet. Just getting started for the lunch time rush."

All of the food is donated from Nashville residents. There will also be volunteers helping clean up an enormous amount of damage in East Nashville.

Tornado creates extensive damage in East Nashville

"You could hear big winds gathering, tearing up stuff. And all of a sudden I get up to run to his bedroom, hollering for him,” said Ross Jones, storm victim.

Ross Jones and 9-year-old Henry Jones say it was terrifying.

"I was super scared because he as calling my name. All of a sudden, the power kept flicking like this, and it just turned off. All I hear is glass shattering,” said Henry Jones.

The Joneses are just some of the victims of a storm that did an enormous amount of damage in East Nashville in the Five Points District.

A flower shop now has the roof from the pizza restaurant a block away. The restaurant is demolished, as well as nearby businesses.

"I just shows the sporadicness of this tornado, that it can land something like this here. I’m totally amazed,” said Martianez Rorie, resident.

Nashville community comes together to help those in need

WMC Action News 5 spoke with Mary Kay Wheeler from West Nashville, where there is no damage, walking around looking to help.

"I wanted to just come over here and help anyway. I just drove over, help picking up trash. Every little bit helps,” said Mary Kay Wheeler, volunteer.

Roads are closed as crews work to repair broken and twisted power lines and poles.

At East Nashville High School, more volunteers sort donations coming from generous Nashvillians. With young people like the Covington brothers pitching in.

"I wanted to help the people that had their houses that got in the tornado, if they like lost some stuff and then they could feel better,” said Daniel Covington, volunteer.

His brothers knows how it feels to help out.

"I felt good. I felt really good I was giving, I was giving back to people,” said Nichola Covington, volunteer.

East Nashville High School was set up as a shelter for storm victims but only a few people showed up. It appears storm victims have been helped by friends and relatives.

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