Collierville Schools leaders prepare for coronavirus

Collierville Schools leaders prepare for coronavirus

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. (WMC) - State and federal health officials are urging school districts to develop a plan to handle coronavirus. Several Shelby County districts sent letters home with students this week explaining protocols.

Leaders at Collierville Schools have contagious illnesses on their minds earlier this year, one of the district’s schools closed because of a high number of flu cases.

Now, a focus has been put on the coronavirus.

“Having experienced a high number of flus this season we feel prepared to handle something of this magnitude,” Collierville Schools coordinated health supervisor Meghan Seay said.

West Collierville Middle School closed the rest of the week for increasing flu-related absences

Schools in Lakeland and Arlington said much of its plan for illnesses like the flu will be adopted to deal with the coronavirus. Arlington Schools even telling parents and students it will invest in an extra cleaning system called Clorox Total 360.

While Shelby County Schools did not say if it created a specific plan for if coronavirus infects people in the school system, it says it’s been sharing information about the virus with students, parents and staff.

Collierville Schools released information on plans to continue to teach students who may have to be out of school for a while and plans on reentry of any formerly infected students or staff.

When it comes to continued education, the district will rely on technology.

“We’re lucky that we’re a one to one district so a majority of our students have a laptop or iPad,” Seay said. “So that’s one way we’ve talked about possibly providing that continued education while potential coronavirus students are at home.”

Seay said researchers are still trying to pin down a period of time the virus is contagious. So, when it comes to re-entry of students and staff after a quarantine or illness Seay said the district is looking to the professionals.

“If a student would present coronavirus we would take direction from the health department about how or when to introduce that student back,” Seay said.

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