March Supermoon will be 2nd closest of 2020

Supermoon March 2020 WMC 3/9

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The last full moon of winter is going to occur Monday night. March’s supermoon, called the Super Worm Moon, will be the second closest of the three full supermoons of 2020. The other two will be on April 8 and May 7. The full moon on April 8 will make the closest pass with only a distance of 221,851 miles from Earth.

According to NASA, the name is derived from native tribes in the northern and eastern United States. They called this last full moon of winter the “Worm Moon” after the earthworm’s shadows that appear on the ground as it begins to thaw in springtime.

The supermoon will be visible after sunset, which occurs at 7:03 pm in the Mid-South. That means the face of the moon visible to us on Earth will take the full glare of the sun while it’s exactly 222,081 mile from Earth in front of the constellation of Leo.

Unfortunately, Monday night will feature clouds and rain, so we will not be able to view the supermoon.

However, it will continue to appear full through Tuesday night. This is good news because there will be breaks in the clouds on Tuesday evening.

The super moon comes a day after the moon will reach what is known as perigree. That is the closet point to Earth, making the full moon a supermoon. That makes the moon appear slightly larger and brighter than the full moon usually does.

If you remember last year, this very same Super Worm Moon occurred on the first day of Spring, the first time that has occurred in nearly 19 years.

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