Biden wins Mississippi Democratic primary as he continues sweep across southern states

Joe Biden wins Miss. Democratic Primary

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Decision 2020: former Vice President Joe Biden picking up more state in his run to be the Democrat’s nominee for president. Mississippi was the first state to be called for him in tonight’s vote.

Biden easily winning Mississippi’s Democratic presidential primary outdistanced Vermont Senator Bernie Sander as he continues his sweep across the southern states.

Joe Biden campaigned Sunday in Mississippi. Sanders had surrogates working on his behalf in the state. Mississippi is one of six states voted Tuesday.

WMC Action News Five’s political analyst, Michael Nelson told us Biden’s win in Mississippi is not a surprise.

“No surprised at all,” said Nelson. “Joe Biden’s huge victory in Mississippi, the largest African American turn out of any state in the country on a proportionally speaking, two-thirds of the African American voters strongly behind Joe Biden.”

African Americans make up 38% of the Mississippi population and most of the democratic electorate. Trump and two others were on the state’s primary ballot.

Some voters say they see Biden as the Democrat’s best hope of defeating Republican President Donald Trump in November.

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