Best Life: Insider secrets of the library, including free stuff and so much more!

Best Life: Secrets Inside Your Local Library

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Why buy a book when you can read it for free? While you may think books and movies are all a public library has to offer, here are some free resources you may not know about.

When was the last time you checked out what was happening inside your local library? You may be missing out! “The library is about connecting people to ideas,” said Melissa Schneider, Librarian at the Winter Park Public Library.

These resources differ from library to library, but a couple of online programs that library card holders can access are research databases, skillset builders like Lynda, which is a website that teaches business skills, and Pronunciator, which allows you to learn a new language, and even genealogy websites, such as Most even offer free audible books. These subscriptions usually cost money, but if your local public library offers it, you can access them for free with a library card.

There may also be areas of the library you can use to your advantage, like a tech room, where they have green screens, 3-D printers, and many offer free IT support where you can get help on your personal computer or iPads. The Winter Park Public Library, in particular, allows you to rent out a bike for the day.

Each library differs in what they offer, but some neat features throughout the country are a flight simulator you will find in Orlando’s Orange County Library, checking out seeds at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, or renting out tools at the Oakland Public Library in California. If you want to know what your local public library offers, check out their website and look at the schedule of events. If you would like to have a library card, all you need to show is a government ID.

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