The Investigators: Could state and federal elections be postponed?

The Investigators: Could the coronavirus pandemic change state and federal elections?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Schools remain closed and the Olympics have been postponed, so voters and candidates have reached out to The Investigators to ask if elections could be delayed.

In Tennessee, State primary and county general elections take place on Aug. 6.

On Nov. 3, voters across the Mid-South will choose their local and federal candidates.

The dates are delegated by state and federal laws. To change them, lawmakers would have to come together and vote on the change.

“I doubt that will happen,” said Linda Phillips with the Shelby County Election Commission. “We could be wrong, we’re plowing new ground, but if you look at the cases in other countries, generally it looks like two or two-and-a-half months and the worst of it is over. We have other options if we’re still having issues in August.”

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Phillips believes that in Tennessee, it’s more likely the legislature would expand absentee voting than change the election dates.

Mississippians and Arkansans head to the ballot box on March 31.

Arkansas has encouraged absentee voting for those who feel more comfortable staying at home.

Election dates are tied to other issues, including when laws require elected officials to take office.

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