Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade
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Yolanda Rodgers, March 26: Students will engage in a shared reading from the text, “The Penny Thief” extracted from Ready Reading Lesson 12 in which students will use details and examples from the text to draw inferences, as well as, describe how the evidence support their inferences. Watch here.

  • Material needed: (Preferably) Promethean Board for PPT interactions. If no Promethean Board, projector, white board, markers and chart paper.
  • Text needed: The Penny Thief from Ready Reading Lesson 12


Keiya Graves-Garrett, March 26: Students will use the area model and multiplication to show the equivalence of two fractions. Watch here.

  • Materials needed: Chart paper, markers (dry erase & regular) and whiteboard.


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  • Materials needed:
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