Memphis photographer captures families in quarantine

Memphis photographer captures families in quarantine

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Memphis photographer is using his skills to take pictures of people who are quarantined as coronavirus continues its spread.

“Everything has stopped. I mean, everything has stopped for everyone,” said Jamie Harmon, photographer.

But Jamie Harmon hasn't stopped trying to connect with Memphians and capture their smiles.

“I think this was kind of an invention to keep me busy,” said Harmon

Harmon runs Amurica Photo, an American-themed photobooth he books for gatherings around town. Of course, since crowds are a no-go because of COVID-19, Harmon is trying something new.

He's taking pictures of people quarantined in their homes.

“It's communal without actually putting anyone in danger,” said Harmon.

Families like the Fullers, say it's a ray of sunlight amidst cloudy uncertainty.

“We're on I think like day 9 or 10 of being in the house together. This was just kind of a break from the monotony,” said Jessica Fuller.

With over a hundred people reaching out to Harmon to get their photos taken, he's now realizing the impact he's making.

“It does feel more and more important now. From other people telling me that it's important, that when it is all over, this will be a great documentation of at least one section of what happened,” said Harmon.

Harmon said that Crosstown Arts hopes to have his pictures in one of their galleries when people can begin visiting again.

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