Mid-Southerners practice social distancing in spring weather

Mid-Southerners practice social distancing in spring weather

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Amid a “safer-at-home” order in Memphis and Shelby County, hundreds of Memphians decided to go outside Thursday and enjoy the beautiful weather.

“It’s such a nice day outside today, the sun is finally out so we decided we’d get out the house and get a little exercise.”

Tonya Williams and her family decided to come to Shelby Farms Park.

Despite main attractions closed like public restrooms, bike rentals and restaurants -- people could be seen walking, boating and sun bathing at the park.

“Just trying to keep the kids occupied and still learning while being inside all day. It’s taken a toll on all of us, so we’re happy to get out today," Williams said.

Shelby Farms wasn't the only park bustling with visitors.

“It’s been pretty wet as of recent, " said Downtown resident Jacob Woloshin. "I guess that’s just Memphis weather for you in general. When you get a day like this you gotta take advantage of it.”

Woloshin and his dog Pippa decided to take stroll downtown at Tom Lee Park Thursday after a week of staying at home.

“When you’re cooped up in your house all day, it’s kind of nice having a dog too, you can just take him out for a walk and get some fresh air and we’ve got a really beautiful riverside, might as well use it to our advantage," Woloshin said.

The safer-at-home order is in effect until April 7 -- directing all residents to stay inside their homes unless they’re engaged in “essential business.”

Taking a walk, riding your bike, enjoying the outdoors are all allowed just as long as people are practicing social distancing and keeping at least six feet between themselves and others.

“While we’re walking, we’re keeping far apart kind of spreading out. Saying friendly hellos to people but also social distancing," Williams said.

Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi State Parks are still open amid the COVID-19 pandemic; however, some have limited hours and amenities.

Here are some tips if you're planning to head to a park:

  • Practice social distancing
  • Don't use water fountains or playgrounds
  • Many restrooms and parks and facilities are closed, so plan ahead before leaving home
  • Don't stay long
  • Stay home if you or others in your house are sick

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