Tennessee looking for volunteers to help seniors during the pandemic

Tennessee looking for volunteers to help seniors during the pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability needs volunteers to help older Tennesseans.

Seniors who are isolated at home because of the coronavirus pandemic could really use the help.

Access to food is now one of the most critical needs for this population who are at the highest risk of developing serious medical complications if they contract this virus.

Tennessee is seeing more and more older adults at home with limited options for healthy eating. And for them social distancing often means extreme isolation.

We know that churches, civic groups, unions, businesses and Tennesseans from around the state are looking for ways to volunteer.

To be able to help you must:

  • Not be in a high-risk category
  • Have not been knowingly exposed to the virus
  • Not under any type of medically directed quarantine
  • Not showing signs of illness.

If you can volunteer to help this vulnerable population, please consider signing up here.

In some areas, volunteers may not have a placement right away. However, it is anticipated that more volunteers will be needed in the coming week.

Volunteer Opportunities may include:

  • Delivering meals, food boxes or household supplies to homebound or at-risk older adults.
  • Telephone Reassurance – Phone calls made from home to check on an older adult and make sure their basic needs are being met.
  • Other volunteer assistance as needed.

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