Alcohol sales are pouring in amid coronavirus outbreak

Central Miss. liquor stores see spike in sales

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - Customers have been packing Old Towne Fine Wines and Spirits in Ridgeland. Co-owner Sunny Kapoor said he has seen a spike in sales since the Coranavirus pandemic.

“Wednesday of last week, we started to see an uptick upwards maybe like 20 percent rise then. And it’s gone up to about 70 percent rise," said Kapoor.

It is still a mystery why business is pouring in, but Kapoor said he has couple of ideas behind the rush; “It’s people just hoarding; they think it’s just going to shut down like it did Pennsylvania and some other states. Then there’s people that are just sitting at home, not really knowing what to do, you’re working from home you’re like might as well have a glass of wine.”

Wine, liquor, it’s all coming off the shelves, but it’s the big bottles that are selling out the fastest.

"Large bottles, double bottles like these are selling more. Half gallons of liquor are selling more. The smaller stuff is moving a little slower comparatively. People are buying in bulk more,” said Kapoor.

Even with all the shoppers, Kapoor believes it may wind down in the coming weeks as more add to their stockpile and more people stay indoors. Until then, Kapoor plans to keep the store open.

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