Health expert at UTHSC projects multiple surges of COVID-19; Normalcy could be years away

UTHSC releases road map to control COVID-19

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Life won’t be returning to anything that resembles normal for two years. That’s the warning from experts at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

UTHSC released a “Memphis road map” for controlling the coronavirus. A detailed report that calls for:

  • A coordinated, multi-state response from Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.
  • All 3 states must have similar safer-at-home or shelter in place orders.
  • The list of essential businesses must be synchronized
  • The report says to brace for multiple waves of coronavirus outbreaks that could last until the fall of 2021or longer.
Coronavirus Q&A with Dr. Steve Threlkeld April 7

“What we have is two issues: we don’t have enough testing," said Dr. Jon McCullers with UTHSC. "We really don’t know how many people are infected. And we don’t have enough investigators to track everyone who’s infected now, even if we knew where they were. So, I think, for this particular first wave, and the first surge, we’re a little behind the eight ball. We’re going to have trouble catching up.”

McCullers says we need to ramp up testing. And once it’s available, start testing for immunity, so we know who not to worry about in the pandemic.

Rural Mid-South hospitals prepare for spread of COVID-19

He also says Medicaid needs to be expanded and insurance regulation, like out-of-network billing, need to be removed so everyone has access to quality health care.

How long the coronavirus continues to impact our lives all depends on how seriously we take mitigation measures. We need to stay home, social distance, wash our hands and wear masks when we do venture out in order to snuff out this vile virus.

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