Elementary P.E. teachers hold virtual challenge to encourage students to get physical exercise

Elementary P.E. teachers hold virtual challenge to encourage students to get physical exercise

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -Typically, Schilling Farms Elementary School P.E. teachers would see students for 50 minutes every week. When schools were canceled because of the coronavirus, they wanted to make sure kids would get a break from the devices and do what they’re best at, just being kids.

Every week day, P.E. Specialists Dustin Duren and Tammy Townsend make videos to send out to their students.

“Every Friday we want students to go take a walk, every Wednesday we do jumping jacks and we add ten more every week and try to add another person to it,” Dustin Duren explained.

According to Duren, the district recommends 45-60 minutes of exercise every day. Townsend say the mental aspect is just as important as the physical.

“Our kids can’t control what’s going on, but this is something they can control. So it gives them something they can do and be successful at,” Townsend added.

Schilling Farms Elementary Principal Georgette Cleaves has kids herself and said it’s a good guideline for parents who have taken on the role of teachers.

“When you’re able to get outside and enjoy the weather and sunshine and you move that kind of gives you an opportunity to get out of your four walls and not feel quite as confined and then also to use your creativity," Cleaves said. "And then to work on some of your more personal skills beyond academics.”

The team has gotten local celebs involved, including WMC Action News 5′s Chief Meteorologist Ron Childers, who encouraged kids to get out and walk.

“It’s a gorgeous Friday and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be outside enjoying this beautiful weather,” Childers said in a video message.

The videos are posted on Twitter and YouTube. Both Townsend and Duren said it’s a good way to interact with their students because the students can send in videos of themselves working out and the teachers can give them feedback.

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