Mid-South family reunites after fight with coronavirus

Mid-South family reunites after fight with coronavirus

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The coronavirus is separating families for weeks on end, one Mid-South teen went to London for spring break and when he came back he tested positive for COVID-19.

In March, Trey Mccray and his dad spent spring break exploring London.

"We got to watch a soccer game there, a professional soccer game. [We] got to visit some of the sights," Mccray said.

But when they were planning on heading back home his dad began showing symptoms.

Mccray remembers, "My dad was coughing, feeling a bit sick. So he kind of had the assumption in his head that we might have it."

It being coronavirus. They self-quarantined as soon as they landed home. A few days later 16-year-old Trey had a fever, muscle aches and fatigue.

"At any point during the day I felt I needed to go to sleep," he said.

He and his dad got tested and about a day later and they found out they were positive for COVID-19.

Through it all, his mom Maleka Mccray, could not be by his side.

"When I got the call from them that the test was positive my heart dropped," she remembers.

Maleka had not been able to see her son since the time he left for his spring break trip, until this past Sunday.

"The dog started barking, and I'm like 'It's Sunday, there's no trash pickup.' I looked out the window and I saw his car," she said.

Trey, feeling back to his old self, surprised his mom for Easter Sunday.

"It felt great, it felt relieving to finally see her," he said.

A feeling they're not likely to take for granted.

“I’ve texted him, we’ve FaceTimed a couple of times," said Maleka Mccray. "It’s still not the same when you see somebody physically to know that they’re physically OK.”

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