St. Jude patient introduces Cleveland Browns’ first-round NFL Draft pick

12-year-old Fletcher Rollinson introduces the Browns’ 10th overall pick in 2020 NFL Draft

St. Jude patient introduces Cleveland Browns’ first-round NFL Draft pick

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - For many players and families the NFL draft is a time of celebration of hard work. This year, it was the same for a Cleveland family who celebrated being together after eights months of spending time apart while their son was receiving treatment at St. Jude.

Twelve-year-old Fletcher Rollinson had the experience of a lifetime, introducing the Cleveland Brown’s 10th pick in the NFL Draft.

“I was really excited,” Fletcher said.

It signified a moment of triumph for his family. Back in July, Fletcher started having episodes of migraines and vomiting. Ultimately, he was diagnosed with a rare form of a brain tumor.

“Once he had his surgeries and we started treatment, it’s been a crazy ride. A crazy ride,” his mom Megan Rollinson said.

According to the Rollinsons, Fletcher’s diagnosis was fast and the family was split up during the treatment. While Fletcher stayed in Memphis, his 13-year-old sister Isla was back in Cleveland at school.

“It’s nice that we’re all home together and we can do this as a family because we were in different places for the last nine months,” Megan said.

Fletcher’s relationship with the Browns started last September. He had a chance to see the Browns practice facility and meet star wide receiver, Jarvis Landry. While he was on a break from treatment in November, the family went to a Browns game.

“He took us on a tour, showed us everything and was very very nice,” Fletcher remembered.

Since then, Landry has kept in touch. He’s sent encouraging messages to Fletcher, he wore a bracelet throughout the season that said #FletchStrong. He even called Fletcher the night before the NFL draft, just to check in.

“The fact that he has such a connection with the Browns, and such a connection to St. Jude, both for life, and to have it kind of showcased this way, is tremendous, it’s awesome," Fletcher’s dad Jamie Rollinson added.

Fletcher didn’t care who the Browns selected. He said he’s not much of a college football fan, but was excited and will support whoever they decided to take. With the 10th overall pick the Cleveland Browns selected Alabama Offensive Tackle Jedrick Wills. Fletcher said he’s already a fan.

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