Dyersburg man charged with aggravated assault for coughing on officers

Dyersburg man charged with aggravated assault for coughing on officers

DYERSBURG, Tenn. (WMC) - A Mid-South man is facing aggravated assault charges after coughing on officers. Investigators said the man claimed to have coronavirus.

Dyersburg police responded to a trespassing complaint on April 28. Brandon McCaslin, 38, resisted arrest and coughed on the officers.

McCaslin also told police he was infected with COVID-19. He purposely coughed on the officers and implied that he was attempting to infect them.

McCaslin later told officers he was joking about having the virus, which led to the additional charge of filing a false police report.

Police said McCaslin was served with an additional warrant for retaliation for past actions, following threats that he made against an officer. That charge stems from an incident on April 16, when police responded to an incident on Parr Avenue where a naked man was seen walking in the tree line near Lewis Creek.

Officers identified the naked man as Brandon McCaslin. When police tried to approach McCaslin, he went down into the creek and did not come out.

Due to McCaslin’s behavior and the hazardous conditions near the creek, police tried to negotiate his surrender. He was eventually arrested and charged with public intoxication.

On April 17, McCaslin wanted to discuss his public intoxication arrest. During the discussion, McCaslin made several threats to harm one of the arresting officers - which resulted in the additional charge.

McCaslin remains in jail. He has a court hearing on May 1.

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