Hospital hosts celebration for COVID-19 survivor released after 40 days

Hospital hosts celebration for COVID-19 survivor released after 40 days

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - For 40 days, a Mid-South woman fought for her life against COVID-19. Now, she’s COVID-19 negative and heading home.

The hospital couldn’t help but celebrate.

One would think Kathy Lane Davis was propelled out of her wheelchair by the cheers and love inside Baptist Memorial Hospital Desoto alone. But those who know her, know it’s her hard work that got her to this point.

Friday, she walked out of the hospital and into the next phase of her life.

“Ms. Davis unfortunately had to fight for her life here in this hospital,” ICU Head Nurse Haley Griffiths said.

Davis was admitted to Baptist Memorial Hospital Desoto about 40 days before she was discharged. She was having trouble breathing and had a high fever.

“We were highly suspicious of COVID in this patient,” Dr. Rajeev Gupta said.

COVID-19 has hit Davis’ family hard. Her brother, Bill Lane died of the virus. He was a Bronze Star recipient while serving in the Army during the Gulf War.

Another sister is still recovering at home with it.

“This can be beaten, and together we can make it happen,” Davis said.

The moment Davis was admitted, her treatment was intense. It included a ventilator for more than two weeks and a treatment called proning.

“[During proning] you put a patient on their tummy,” Dr. Gupta said.

“It’s a metal bed and you’re latched in. She couldn’t move,” Griffiths explained further.

Davis is now the first patient to receive that treatment at Baptist DeSoto to be discharged virus free. It was a lot of work. After being confined for so long her muscles were weak.

“She couldn’t bring a fork to her mouth,” Griffiths said.

That’s why Davis’ hugs, waves to the staff and steps are so impressive and reason to celebrate.

While the hospital celebrates Davis, Davis is giving thanks to the hospital.

“It’s because they fought for me that I’m here and get to go home,” Davis said.

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