Still no COVID-19 in Issaquena County; Residents guess why

Still no COVID-19 in Issaquena County; Residents guess why

ISSAQUENA CO., Miss. (WLBT) - Issaquena County is a tiny rural Delta county nestled against the Mississippi River, with a population of just over 1,300 in 2018.

The county seat, Mayersville, has around 560. It’s the last holdout in the Magnolia State when it comes to the fight against CoViD-19, but nobody’s sure why.

Amy Murphy Robertson talked to us as she was fishing in what used to be a large field off Highway 61. Many of the driveways nearby have to be navigated by large trucks, ATVs or boats.

“Well I think that maybe nobody got coronavirus -- everybody, just to be honest, is stuck in their houses because of the backflood waters,” she said.

She says in her part of the county, there's literally no leaving. Everyone is already sheltering in place because there hasn't been another option since the flooding started.

Willie Johnson sits in front of Tony's Store during the day, greeting those who come by.

“I mostly be at home, and I come out during the day, and then we keep 6 feet apart during the day,” Johnson said.

Maybe it's that there's really not a lot of traffic into Issaquena County?

“I think we’re isolated enough because how they probably could get it is if people come from out of town and come over here, because really everybody else in the house all the time,” said Robertson.

Latunya Evans works inside Tony's Store, one of the busier places in Mayersville. She comes in contact with a lot of people there.

“I haven’t been exactly worried, but I do think about it so I keep my hand sanitizer over here and I just try to stay as clean and give to people if they want sanitizer,” she said.

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