Mid-South factory producing air coils for hospitals & Memphis alternate care facility

Brownsville factory make air coils for Memphis alternate care facility

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. (WMC) - Of course many factories have stayed open throughout the pandemic producing items used around the country.

That includes Precision Coil in Brownsville, Tennessee which makes the giant heat exchangers used in commercial air conditioning systems.

And those air systems are now in high demand as hospitals look for ways to isolate the air supply used for coronavirus patients.

The company just shipped coils that will be used in hospital renovations at the old Commercial Appeal building. They were able to manufacture the product in just five days instead of the usual three to four weeks.

Former Commercial Appeal building to be used as makeshift hospital

“All of our team members are engaged and just really rallied around this cause and we understand that not every manufacturing facility out there has that opportunity," said Dorcedar Glover, general manager at Precision Coil. "So it’s been really really big for us. I’m super proud of this team for the work they have done and the impact they have made in the fight against COVID-19.”

Company officials tell us they are taking extra precautions to keep workplaces sanitized and increase social distancing.

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