CDC studies new illness found in children exposed to COVID-19

CDC studies new illness found in children exposed to COVID-19

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Centers for Disease Control asked doctors to look out for multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children.

Dr. John Gaudet is with the American Academy of Pediatrics Mississippi Chapter and Dr. Lisa Didion is with the UMMC Children’s Hospital. Both pediatricians said it may be linked to COVID-19.

“We think that maybe there’s something about coronavirus that generates this inflammatory reaction. It’s not the infection itself but it’s the body’s inflammation response to the infection,” said Gaudet.

“...It’s been found to occur about, you know, four weeks after a known exposure or possible infection,” said Didion.

The syndrome is rare but with so many cases of coronavirus, doctors have seen more of it. Reports have come in from several states, including Mississippi.

Symptoms include organ problems and a running fever.

“Sometimes the fever can be prolonged, other symptoms that have been common is rash. There’s been a lot of GI symptoms associated with this particular diarrhea or stomach pain. Not many children are having respiratory symptoms with this as we’ve seen with like an acute COVID-19 infection," said Didion

COVID-19 has had a mild effect on kids compared to adults throughout the pandemic. Most children with multi-system inflammatory syndrome have survived.

Healthcare workers are closely monitoring this new condition.

“I’m sure members of the general public as well as physicians and politicians are all frustrated because it is just moving so fast, and we’re learning a lot of new information everyday," said Gaudet.

“Being able to transparently share the experiences that we all have particularly in the healthcare field with this virus is really important because we are continuously learning things that we know today are often different tomorrow or the next week,” said Didion.

Both doctors encourage parents to take their children to the clinic if they show signs of any illness.

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