Hurricane season starting early: Will that mean more storms?

Hurricane season starting early: Will that mean more storms?
TS Arthur (Source: TS Arthur)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Hurricane season officially arrives on June 1st but Tropical Storm Arthur didn’t get the memo. Tropical Storm Arthur reached tropical storm status this past weekend, making it the first named storm of the season. Arthur’s early appearance is not an uncommon occurrence. However, this does lead many to wonder if this will mean a more active season. The good news is that an early season storm doesn’t mean an active or longer season.

Since 2000 there have been 10 season, which doesn’t include this one, that storms formed before the June 1st start date. In the past six season there have been pre-season storms making Arthur the 7th. In May alone over 50 storms have formed. The National Hurricane Center meteorologist are discussing if the June date should be changed to May. Some point out the the early season storms tend to be weak and not as strong as those that form later in the season.

Looking back at climatiology, early season storms don’t necessarily mean a more active season. The majority of early start seasons have ended as most of the others did. This season could be on the active side but not because of Arthur. The activity of seasons have more to do with the warm ocean waters.

As for Arthur the storm continues to churn just off the southern east coast.

Clouds & radar
Clouds & radar (Source: Clouds & radar)

Some of the outer bands of Arthur are spiraling in and causing rain for parts of the northeastern North Carolina and eastern Virginia. The storm will bring gusty wind and gusty wind as it passes close by.

TS Arthur
TS Arthur (Source: TS Arthur)

By Tuesday TS Arthur will weaken and will move west away from the US.

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