Bartlett Fire Department giving out free masks

Bartlett Fire Department giving out free masks

BARTLETT, Tenn. (WMC) - The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped first responders from reacting when duty calls.

Bartlett Fire Department's Assistant Fire Chief Tommy Gately said, "Somebody would call our dispatch or ask them preset questions of what we're going into. However, we're already prepared with the mindset that this person potentially has it, or has it."

Being prepared is key, and Bartlett's fire and police departments want residents to be proactive too when it comes to protecting themselves. Which is why Wednesday, they handed out free masks provided by Shelby County's Office of Preparedness.

“The goal really is to protect our community. In public service that’s what we really do. We also follow the direction of our medical director, local, and state guidelines. So, our goal is to protect everyone around us. Obviously masks are what we’re advised is what’s making a difference now,” Gately said.

Officers directed traffic as people pulled into a parking lot off of Stage Road.

As first responders handed out masks, they were met with a warm ‘Thank you,’ from everyone who drove through the line.

Bartlett resident Pamela Brown said, "I was getting ready to turn and I saw all these people here. I pulled up and asked what they were doing here and he said, 'Passing out masks.' I think it's awesome. I think it's wonderful."

They received a thousand masks and they hope to hold a giveaway again in the future. “It will depend on the supply,” Gately said.

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