MPD: Cashier charged after shooting man at Circle K gas station

MPD: Cashier charged after shooting man at Circle K gas station

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - New details have been released after a store clerk was charged for shooting a man at a gas station on Highway 64.

Memphis police were called to the Circle K on Highway 64 around 1:30 Tuesday morning.

Footage revealed the shooting victim was asking the store clerk, Nicholas Vitatoe, to clean the lot when Vitatoe told him to leave the property.

Police said the victim remained on the lot and the clerk called the police. Vitatoe said in the surveillance footage that he had the victim locked up last week.

Minutes later, the clerk texted his manager saying “this is getting beyond dumb.” Next, the clerk was seen on survilence video walking behind the counter. He was heard saying he was not going to wait for police and he was going to handle it himself.

Officers said Vitatoe walked out of the store and out of the camera view. In the surveillance footage, you can hear Vitatoe talking to the victim and a gunshot.

Store clerk accused of shooting customer

Minutes later, he walked back into the camera view and put a gun on the gas station counter.

Investigators said he called his manager and told her that he shot the victim.

When police arrived on the scene, Vitatoe was arrested. He was given his Miranda Rights and refused to give a statement without a lawyer present.

Vitatoe has been charged with voluntary manslaughter.

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