Oxford community supports US marshal going home after recovering from shooting

Oxford community supports US marshal going home after recovering from shooting

OXFORD, Miss. (WMC) - A U.S. marshal returned home from the hospital Friday after being involved in a shooting in which he was injured and an alleged murder suspect was killed.

The Oxford community showed up to support the officer as the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate the details surrounding the shooting.

Deputy US Marshal Bob Dickerson was greeted with a welcoming party and handshakes as he left Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford one week after being injured in an officer involved shooting while attempting to arrest a murder suspect on Lamar Boulevard.

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker was one of those there to greet Dickerson.

“It’s just a way for us to send our friend home to do a little more recuperating and say thank you,” Senator Roger Wicker said.

According to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Deputy Marshal Bob Dickerson was a part of a team attempting to arrest 33-year-old Hunter Carlstrom who was wanted for a murder in Arkansas.

U.S. Marshal shot, suspect killed in Oxford, Mississippi

The MBI says as officers approached the car Carlstrom was in, he got out and shot first, hitting Dickerson twice before officers returned fire, killing Carlstrom. Investigators say a pistol was recovered on the scene.

Guided by dozens of police vehicles, Dickerson and his family were greeted by people in the Oxford community who are happy he is able to go home.

“I imagine he’s filled with a lot of emotion. It’s a lot to leave the hospital, it’s a big step but to see the support in the community surrounding him, I can’t imagine that he wasn’t just really, really proud of Oxford,” Joie Blount said.

“I hope that this refreshed his spirit, and made him think ok there’s people here that really support me and love me,” Joanne Wilkinson said.

People who came to support Deputy Marshal Bob Dickerson, who is the son of Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson, admit the situation is tragic.

They say they simply wanted Dickerson and all law enforcement officers to know the community supports them and appreciates their sacrifice.

“Because we support them in any way we can, we wanted to be here,” Wilkinson said.

“I think it’s really important to show up,” Blount said. “They show up for us everyday so it’s really important for us to be here and show up for them.”

U.S. Marshal for Northern Mississippi says they also wanted this procession to thank the doctors and nurses who performed emergency surgery on Deputy Marshall Dickerson, saving his life.

A woman, Xaveriana Cook, who was in the car with Carlstrom has been arrested and charged with aiding and abetting, possession of stolen firearms and transportation of stolen firearms.

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