Man stepping up to spread joy along Mid-South sidewalks during pandemic

Spreading joy along Mid-South sidewalks

BARTLETT, Tenn. (WMC) - While everyone’s been cooped up at home, many have taken on new hobbies like baking and dancing on Tiktok but one Mid-South man took his skills to the sidewalk.

"I'm working on the largest Snoopy I've done to date,” said Craig Thompson.

Once a week Thompson gets out his chalk and creates a masterpiece.

"Started doing these sidewalk chalk drawings, oh gosh about a month and a half ago.”

His latest creation: a massive snoopy holding the American flag in honor of Memorial Day.

"Did a couple of them and then it kinda caught on and then everybody started asking when's the next one coming or what's it going to be,” said Thompson.

Thompson kept drawing, he drew cheetahs, giraffes, an entire zoo, snoopy quarantined and even dedicated a drawing to first responders.

"Kinda whatever is going on in the neighborhood and in the world been trying to do something to reflect that."

Thompson says seeing others enjoy his work keeps him going.

“The fact that so many people have said that it’s brought them a little joy, you know I’m not a first responder, I don’t know anything about health stuff,” said Thompson. “I’m not any of that, where I can contribute, so if this makes a small contribution and it brings people happiness and gives them something to do then that makes me happy, that keeps me going.”

Thompson says he goes back to work in two weeks, but that he’ll keep drawing as long as the chalk doesn’t run out.

“That’s been a problem, is finding enough chalk. This Snoopy right here is 70 pieces of white chalk.”

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