Earle woman’s home destroyed in wind storm

Earle woman home destroyed in wind storm

EARLE, Ark. (KAIT) - Strong winds damaged many homes in Crittenden County Friday, including in the city of Earle.

Several residents were left without power for several hours, some as long as a day.

Stephanie Davis-Warren has lived and worked in Earle all of her life. As the storm approached Friday, she says her family was heading out the door to escape the storm.

“When my mom went to the door, she says the first limb hit my daughter’s car. My daughter moved her out of the way and closed the door," Davis-Warren said.

She, her mother, daughter, and grandson moved quickly to the back of their trailer home as a limb came crashing down, crushing the living room, laundry room, kitchen, and one bedroom, trapping them inside.

She says there was only one thing for her to do.

“I was praying, hoping that it passed on over," Davis-Warren said.

Warren’s neighbor immediately rushed to their aid; removing limbs to get them out.

Her home was destroyed, but it was not the only place that received damage.

The back of the old Earle High School Building was also hit hard.

“That just brought even more tears and thankfulness. I am glad because there weren’t any kids there," Warren said.

She not only used to walk those halls as a student but also as a student resource officer.

“I’m just grateful, just thankful that there were no fatalities," Warren said.

As for her home, Warren says that her family owns the land and they have insurance on the property and cars. They have intentions to rebuild.

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