MPD investigating 5 Memorial Day weekend homicides

MPD investigating 5 Memorial Day weekend homicides

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Five people were killed in homicides over Memorial Day Weekend. Memphis Police said sometimes patience and time to pause is all it takes to avoid these crimes.

A stretch of Bellevue in South Memphis saw some of that violent crime over the holiday weekend. An employee was shot and killed at the Dixie Queen, then further down the road someone was shot and killed at a park.

Since the community has started to reopen, Memphis police are still dealing with the same level of crime compared to when we were under the safer at home order.

The manager at this Dixie Queen did not want to speak to us on camera, but said the employee who was killed had worked at her location for about two weeks. He was 20 years old and is a new father.

“They’re frustrated, they’re angry, they don’t have nothing to do,” South Memphis resident James Banks said.

Banks has lived in the area for 30 years. He said the shooters are frustrated individuals but the residents are getting fed up too.

“Highly frustrated. Bring people together instead of against one another,” Banks said.

Memphis police have not released many details about the deadly shootings over the weekend, but said:

“We have noticed that some of the murders have stemmed from arguments and disagreements. If the shooters in those situations would have just taken a pause and walked away, families would not be grieving the loss of a loved one.”

Homicides in the city are up compared to this time last year. There have been 85 so far in 2020 compared to 69 in 2019.

However, homicides were slightly up during Memorial Day weekend in 2019. Police responded to seven homicides and 446 assaults. This holiday weekend there were five homicides in Memphis and 345 assaults.

This weekend’s numbers are only a slight uptick compared to crime throughout the safer at home order.

For example, the weekend of April 3, in the middle of the order, there were four homicides in Memphis and 253 assaults. Last weekend, the weekend of May 15, as much of the state started to open back up, Memphis police responded to seven homicides and 336 assaults.

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