Shelby County health officials call holiday weekend ‘successful’

Updated: May. 26, 2020 at 5:02 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Shelby County health officials described the public’s behavior over the Memorial Day holiday weekend as “successful,” but they said the final verdict wouldn’t be known for two weeks.

“I consider it successful because my phone did not ring off the hook. I did not get any calls as it relates to violations of safety measures,” said Shelby County Health Officer Dr. Bruce Randolph. “We’ll know in 14 days from this weekend how successful it was.”

Randolph said during his personal visits to Shelby Farms and Kroger over the holiday weekend, he noticed most of the public practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

“I’m optimistic and hopeful that 14 days from this weekend I was proven correct, that our numbers have not up-ticked, spiked, but remained still leveled,” said Randolph.

On Tuesday morning, the Shelby County Health Department reported 4,531 confirmed cases, about 130 more than the previous day. The health department also confirmed 94 deaths and 3,047 recoveries.

"We've been averaging about 100 new cases per day over the weekend, and it's a little bit higher than we had, had previously," said Dr. Alisa Haushalter, Shelby County Health Department director. "But this has been a steady trend, so I'm not overly concerned at the current time."

Health officials said they are getting requests from a wide array of organizations who want the health department to review their plans for events like graduation and weddings.

“Most people have asked for guidance rather than just taking action,” said Haushalter. “People are like ‘help me understand how to interpret this. What does this mean?’”

Haushalter said she and Randolph have made site visits to review some of the plans, including to Graceland.

"We do whatever we can to try to make sure the we're going to reduce the likelihood of transmission," said Haushalter.

Randolph said one of the events the health department reviewed was a youth baseball tournament in Cordova, which was held over the holiday weekend.

"We worked very closely with the organizers of this event," said Randolph. "The reports that I received is that it was successful. I did not get any calls from our environmentalists, code enforcement officers, anything pertaining to people not being compliant with the safety measures."

There are several ways to get in touch with the health department regarding your event. You can visit or call the Shelby County Health Department COVID-19 call center at 833-943-1658. Staff is available to take calls from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

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