Barricades removed from Overton Park parking areas

Barricades removed from Overton Park parking areas

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - All barricades around Overton Park have been removed and the park is open to cars again.

People are able to enter the park, but there are areas within the park that are still closed. Playgrounds, restrooms, drinking fountains and the dog park remain closed.

In a news release, Overton Park said staff can’t keep all those amenities sanitized after every person uses them, so the park has decided it’s unsafe to use them until further notice.

Even though restrooms aren’t open, the park has installed hand-washing stations near Rainbow Lake Pavilion and East Parkway Pavilion.

Large group gatherings are still discouraged by the CDC. Overton Park will not accept applications for pavilion and event rentals to encourage people to continue social distancing.

The City of Memphis will also have “courtesy crews” in Overton Park and other parks across the city in the coming weeks to discourage people from getting together in large groups. The park is advising if guests decide to have small group gatherings, try to keep it to members of the same household and limit the amount of time spent with people from other households.

Overton Park added park guests should still keep their dogs on a leash, per Memphis leash laws, as it also could also protect against the spread of COVID-19.

“We also don't currently know whether it's safe to come in contact with dogs that live in other households; off-leash dogs often take that decision away from people who are following the rules."

The Overton Park Conservancy is keeping up-to-date with CDC, Shelby County Health Department and National Recreation & Park Association guidelines to decide when it is safe to completely re-open the park.

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