Good Samaritan rescues man from burning car, holds his hand while waiting for ambulance

ANDOVER, Mass. (WCVB/CNN) – A Good Samaritan in Massachusetts was caught on camera pulling a crash victim away from a burning vehicle.

“That guy was something amazing, you know, to be able to get in there,” said Harold Greer, another driver who stopped to help Tuesday morning.

With his dashboard camera, Greer recorded the stranger dragging the driver of the crashed car to safety as the vehicle burned.

“It’s something else, when you see someone do something so great for somebody in trouble,” Greer said.

The rescuer then held the driver’s hand as they waited for an ambulance.

"He had several broken bones,” Greer said of the driver. “He was in bad shape."

Greer never got the good Samaritan’s name, but he said he deserves recognition for his selfless act.

"I really appreciate that one guy stopping, because you just never know,” Greer said. “You never know when it's you that's stuck and need help, and people are just like, 'Oh well, it's not my problem.’ You know, it’s just … someone could be dying."

Greer himself helped pull the passenger of the burning vehicle farther away from the crash site as the flames grew.

"You felt the heat, you felt when the tires blew and the gas tank went,” Greer said. “You felt the blast from it."

Massachusetts State Police said the car veered off Interstate 495 and slammed into the wooded median strip around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The driver and the passenger injured in the crash were taken to a hospital. There’s no word on their conditions.

State police are investigating the cause of the crash.

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