VIDEO: Moose calf rescued from middle of raging Alaska river

The calf was returned to its mother

Alaska Dive Search Rescue and Recovery Team rescues moose calf from raging river

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU/Gray News) - The Alaska Dive Search Rescue and Recovery Team helped a moose calf get back to shore this week.

The calf, which is seen in this video courtesy of John Rowe, was stranded on a sand bar in the middle of King River outside of Sutton and unable to get back to its mother.

The dive team was contacted by the Wildlife Troopers to rescue the small moose on Monday.

The video shows that the team was able to reach the calf before transporting it back to shore.

“Once the moose was rescued, we handed the calf to the Trooper and he relocated it just up the bank from where it was found.”

The mother was still in the area and the calf was calling out to her," Alaska Search Rescue and Recovery Team President Jeremy Lilly said in a statement.

Lilly said most of the animal rescues the organization does are also intended to keep people from harm, especially in dangerous areas with swift water or ice-covered water.

"A lot of people try to rescue their pets when they break through the ice, and they do this without thinking about how thin the ice is, which leads to the person drowning when they break through the ice," Lilly said.

The dive team is a nonprofit organization funded by donations and comprised of volunteers. The team works with the Alaska Department of Public Safety to deploy for recovery missions in the state, according to their website.

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