Memphis 901 FC’s Marc Burch reflects on time spent with family during coronavirus

Memphis 901 FC’s Marc Burch reflects on time spent with family during coronavirus

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis 901 FC players and coaches would typically be in the thick of the season, not spending much time at home. So for a veteran like captain Marc Burch, getting to spend time with his wife and young twins has been something he definitely hasn’t taken for granted.

“I have 17 month old twins, so I’m really busy,” Marc Burch said.

The Burch family has spent more time together than they ever expected, and Burch has gained a new perspective on all the work his wife, Elise, puts in at home.

“It’s full go, it’s not like she’s taking a break while I’m at work, she’s working and so when I’ve been home I’ve been working and staying busy, fitting in a workout when the kids go down and making dinner and prepping the next stage when they’re up, so it’s busy. I’m definitely not bored,” he said.

He says they'll always remember these unprecedented times as the time he got to spend at home.

However, for head coach Tim Mulqueen, he’s been split from his family. While his son who plays soccer at the U of M is living with him, his wife and daughter are down in Florida.

“That part has been the hardest, not being able to be with my wife and daughter,” Mulqueen said. “We’re a very close family, but my wife has been in this game with me since the first day we dated so she understands that these things happen, but we know the circumstances are what they are.”

The Mulqueens will all be in Memphis soon. His daughter will be a freshman at the University of Tennessee.

But it shows the sacrifices these players and their families make on and off the field.

“I know it’s a reprieve for her. They’re teething, moving around, getting in trouble all the time, so for me I can’t wait to see them every day,” Burch added.

Memphis 901 FC will continue with the limited training for the time being. They have three, one-hour sessions with about 5-6 players plus a coach and training staff member. Everyone is screened before entering AutoZone Park.

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