The goal driving protests in Memphis: Unity and reform

The hope for peaceful protests in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It’s been several days of protests in Memphis.

Day seven began Tuesday evening, marking one week where Memphians have come together to remember George Floyd holding protests against police brutality.

Protest organizer Devante Hill says the protests will not stop.

Protest in Memphis
Protest in Memphis (Source: WMC)

“We are going to do it as long as, as long as we see fit.”

Each night large crowds take over the streets of Downtown Memphis showing unity.

"We’ve got white people saying, ‘What’s happening to black people is wrong.’ What’s happening to black people is wrong, is a unified voice. Everyone saw what happened to George Floyd, everyone is disgusted by it, everyone thinks that it shouldn’t have happened,” said Hill.

Hill says the protests happening right now are just the beginning, he says the momentum and unity must continue.

“Right now we’re focused on communication, education and unification,” said Hil. "We’re solidifying our body, we’re pulling our voices together.”

Hill hopes the protests will lead to change.

7th night of protests planned in Memphis

“So we have to unify first, and then go and start the work of reform, and that’s how we’re doing that and that’s how we’re finding so much success in Memphis,” he said.

In regards to the vandalism that’s been happening across the country and here in Memphis, Hill says it’s not right and encourages people to focus on the unity that is happening.

"What we can say is come here, let's do it another way. Let's reroute your rage, let's try it another way. I know you haven't seen much progress, I know the system is not working for you it's working against you but right here, right now it's a little bit different, we've got a unified voice,” said Hill.

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