Demonstrators march, sing in Downtown Memphis on day 7 of protests

7th night of protests in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Tuesday night’s protest went in a different direction — quite literally.

It started at Clayborn Temple and then protesters marched into South Memphis to Mason Temple where they joined together to sing “Amazing Grace."

Mason Temple, of course, is where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his final speech the night before his assassination.

Like with previous nights — this march was peaceful.

Many people along the way got caught up in the chants and singing and joined in.

7th night of protests planned in Memphis

In addition to singing “Amazing Grace” at Mason Temple, they also joined together to sing under a bridge on BB King and Crump.

They also took a collection for a homeless woman who joined in on the march.

Organizer DeVante Hill, who we sat down with ahead of Tuesday’s protest, says this is about bringing people together and staying peaceful.

But not everyone agrees with the direction he's taking this protest.

Activist Frank Gotti says it’s time to inconvenience people.

“What we can say is come here, let’s do it another way," said Hill. "Let’s reroute your rage, let’s try it another way. I know you haven’t seen much progress, I know the system is not working for you it’s working against you but right here, right now it’s a little bit different, we’ve got a unified voice.”

“I don’t got nothing against DeVante he’s a good person," said Hill. “He a good guy. But if you gonna lead these people let’s shut something down, let’s stop these folks’ money. Why the police chief ain’t come out here and asked us for no demands?”

About a couple of hundred people joined in the protest

And Memphis police once again closed the roads for protesters.

It was again a peaceful protest that ended before the mayor’s curfew, just like last night.

The curfew is in effect from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

According to Memphis Police, only two people were arrested for violating the mayor’s curfew Monday night -- a 21-year-old and a 15-year-old.

The curfew was put in place after several businesses and police cars were vandalized and at least three officers were shot at over the weekend.

Tuesday Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris spoke about the protests and the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Harris says the killing “tears back the veil of racial injustice” and he wants the protesters to know that what they’re doing will make a difference.

“Disrupting the status quo is never easy," said Harris. "In Shelby County, we’ve had hundreds of protesters demanding to be heard and who have lifted up important concerns. I hear you. In fact, leaders across our state hear you.”

Harris says his administration’s bail reform efforts have helped hundreds of people in Shelby County and he says they will do more.

Harris says this week he will go before the county commission to push for banning the box -- to make it easier for people with criminal histories to get jobs.

And he says he will meet with any protester or group who wants to talk.

Organizers plan to hold another protest Wednesday night.

We will update this story with new information as the night progresses.

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