Residents hold peaceful protest outside DeSoto County courthouse

Residents hold peaceful protest outside DeSoto County courthouse

HERNANDO, Miss. (WMC) - In the heart of Hernando, at the DeSoto County Courthouse, a peaceful protest was held Friday evening to end police brutality and fight for social justice.

Nineteen-year-old Janai Malone, one of the organizers, said it almost didn’t happen.

“Right before this started, I mean, we were literally like, ‘should we do this,’ because we were getting threats. Very real gun threats. I’ve never had threats like that in my life,” said Janai Malone, protest organizer.

There was no violence during the demonstration, no counter-protest, just the occasional flash of a Confederate flag from a car driving by

High school teacher Pannay Guigley defied doctors’ orders for bedrest to be there.

“I want to see a better future for every child in the US. I want to make sure the education system is top notch for every child,” said Pannay Guigley, teacher.

Linda Burkley and Linda Franklin also protested for change -- tired of being afraid.

“The fear is real. It’s very real. I pray every day and through the night, I pray. You have to. You have to,” said Linda Franklin, protester.

“Because God brought us all here for a purpose. That’s important. When we get to heaven, God will not see color,” said Linda Burkley, protester.

The protesters marched eight times around the courthouse to represent the number of minutes George Floyd was pinned to the ground.

A march designed to change minds and change Hernando, Mississippi.

“I mean, we are your neighbors. We are your children’s friends. We are people that you know. We’re just standing for what’s right,” said Malone.

Last week, a similar rally was held with only a handful of protesters.

Friday night their numbers grew, as the momentum behind the movement for change in America continues to grow.

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