SCS Re-Entry Task Force meetings are underway

SCS Re-Entry Task Force meetings are underway

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Last month, Shelby County Schools introduced us to their Re-Entry Task Force -- a group of 16 people with backgrounds in education, health, faith, business, several parents and a student.

We checked in with the group and asked about they work they’ve been doing.

"The first one was just kind of a lot of introductions and preliminary information, but we started digging really deep yesterday, and we’ll continue to do that,” said Joann Massey, parent representative on the task force.

Massey says the second meeting took place Thursday. She says the meetings have been very informative with each member bringing different perspectives and priorities to the table.

Massey says they've heard from the academics director in addition to the finance and transportation departments.

She said they’ve also discussed the needs of Hispanic and Spanish-speaking families.

Massey says it’s beneficial to have health experts on the task force , because they are able to directly get their input.

"We've been able to ask questions of those experts and then put recommendations."

Massey believes the task force is on track and says all 16 members are reviewing a lot of data so they can then make recommendations.

In regards to what school will look like in the Fall, this mom says that's still in discussion.

"I'm going to tell you, every option is still on the table whether it's virtual, whether it's in school 100% of the time, or whether it's some kind of hybrid,” said Massey.

Massey believes at least three more meetings will take place, with the next one happening the following Thursday.

SCS says they have yet to set dates for the meetings with parents but they will most likely happen late June.

If you’d like to stay up to date on what is discussed at the meetings that information is posted online every Friday, click here.

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