Collierville class ring returned to owner years after it was lost

Collierville class ring returned to owner years after it was lost

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. (WMC) - The West Tennessee Recycling Hub had an unusual discovery on their hands, when they found a class ring in some recycling material. It has now been sent to its owner who now lives states away, thanks to Collierville’s Public Works Department.

Collierville’s Assistant Sanitation Manager Josh Russell said they saw a name inscribed on the ring and that is how they were able to start their search.

"We went through the records of the local government system, found the name, and we were able to pinpoint him and get in touch with him," Russell said.

The ring's owner, Joel Fong, now lives in Corpus Christie, Texas. He said he lost it when he was working at a grocery store in Collierville. He was surprised when he got the call that someone had found it and wanted to return it.

"There's still good people out there. Somebody took time out of their day to do that and it's just a blessing. Everybody needs to keep doing the same. Little things like that just gives people hope," Fong said.

Fong has not gotten the ring in the mail yet, but he offered a reward to the people who helped find it and return it. However, hey said they are just glad they could it back to who it belongs to.

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