Mid-South business headlines: Health officials, businesses concerned after COVID-19 case uptick

Mid-South business headlines: Business concerned about uptick in COVID-19 cases

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Earlier this week, the trend in local coronavirus hospitalizations was alarming with active hospitalizations growing to 66%. But, it didn’t continue.

Active hospitalizations actually dropped and remained steady in the days since.

And, as the Memphis Business Journal writes, that’s encouraging news for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Pediatrics Chair and Influenza Pandemics Expert, Dr. Jon McCullers.

Last week, Shelby County was supposed to head into phase three of the county reopening plan, then, Monday there was talk about going back into phase one.

Meagan Nichols, managing editor for the Memphis Business Journal says, McCullers doesn’t think the shift back to phase one is necessary at this time.

“There has been concern, obviously, with the increase in numbers, but that slight drop back down was somewhat reassuring to Dr. McCullers,” said Nichols.

Shelby County Health Department officials announced Tuesday, the county will remain in phase two for the foreseeable future. Health officials are looking for a 14-day decline in new case numbers and hospitalization rates before progressing to phase three. That 14-day trend has not be seen.

“The tasks force wants to avoid having to take that step back to phase one and they are going to try to mitigate that at all costs,” said Nichols. “Cause that would be a big step back for the community, so it’s still on the table but it is an option that they’re hoping to be able to avoid.”

The number one thing McCullers advises residents to do to help the county progress is to wear a mask while in public.

“You might be tired of hearing it, but that’s kind of the tool that we all have in our COVID fighting toolbox that we know works,” said Nichols. “And that’s what’s going to be able to help us reopen the economy faster and I think that’s certainly a goal that we all share. So wearing masks is certainly the big takeaway from health officials.”

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