Gov. Reeves: ‘Veto would be pointless’ if Miss. legislature changes rules to change state flag

Gov. Reeves: ‘Veto would be pointless’ if Miss. legislature changes rules to change state flag
Business leaders say changing the Mississippi state flag could boost the economy (Source: WLBT)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Governor Tate Reeves is speaking out on the ongoing topic of changing the state flag.

Wednesday he took to Facebook to chime in on the debate.

Reeves has maintained over the past few weeks that if the flag is to change it should be done by a vote from the people.

A vote was taken in 2001 with a majority choosing to keep the flag.

Today Reeves said, “I think there’s a good chance that Mississippians’ views might have changed since the last vote in 2001, but the people should get to send that message. My primary goal is the unity of our people, and I really fear any action that would tear us apart.”

He mentions an effort to erase history across the nation.

“To pretend that all of us are so much better than our ancestors that we must eliminate their memory.”

Reeves said that the Mississippi legislature is considering changing the rules in order to change the state flag. He says if this happens he will not veto the changes as it would be “pointless.”

“Some legislative leaders have changed their position multiple times in recent days. Right now, they are considering suspending the rules to change the flag. It would take a two-thirds vote. That’s how many it takes to override a veto.

Make no mistake, a vote to change the rules is a vote to change the flag. If they get those votes, a veto would be pointless. That debate would be over, and the flag would change.”

Several state leaders believe that the votes are there to change the flag this legislative session.

Senator Derrick Simmons said, “It comes down to the votes and I think we are right where we need to be regarding changing the flag this session.”

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